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We work with UK and international businesses to minimise downtime by providing a precision engineering service that fits their specific requirements.


We have experience across a broad range of sectors from graphics and packaging to pharmaceutical and food & beverage so get in touch today to see how we can be part of your business.

Graphic Industry


Our engineers have extensive experience of machining precision engineered parts for the graphic industry and can guarantee the quick turnaround you need to keep your operations running smoothly.


We know that printing machinery requires specialist parts that are built to last and are tough enough to withstand constant use. We use only the best quality materials and cutting-edge milling and turning machines to provide you with the peace of mind.


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Packaging Industry


Our engineers are experts in providing precision engineered parts for large-scale specialist packaging machines. We know that the many varying packaging types has created a demand for bespoke machinery and bespoke parts. We have the expertise and cutting-edge equipment to be able to create parts that deal with the toughest demands.


We have been working with the packaging industry for decades and have a thorough knowledge of the different types of machinery used.


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Food & Beverage Industry


We understand that running an efficient food and beverage facility means minimising downtime which is why we manufacture precision engineered parts for a range of machines across the sector.


Fast and reliable, we help keep reduce costs by providing quick turnarounds on complicated parts that are all meticulously hand checked by experts and can be delivered within 24 hours


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Glass Industry


We know that when a part fails during the glass making process, that time is of the essence. Reheating materials and restarting machines can cause even additional unwanted downtime, which is why react quickly and help solve the problem because we understand y industry.


We are highly respected for our rapid response rate and reliability in helping your business out of a crisis.


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Pharmaceutical Industry


Here at D.A.S our engineers are experts at delivering on the precision and reliability you need for pharmaceutical equipment. We know that reliability is the cornerstone of productivity, which is why we are a precision engineering firm you can trust to machine complicated parts that are quality and reliable.


We can also deliver these to you within 24 hours, minimising the downtime for your business.


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Special Purpose Machinery


We are experts at creating bespoke, precision engineered parts for one-off special purpose machines. From complex components to simple, one-off machined parts, we understand your specific requirements and have the in-house cutting-edge machines and professional expertise to provide you with the right solution.


Quality and reliability are the foundations of our business and we develop long-term relationships because we are able to deliver what we say cost effectively.


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