Along will CNC Milling, CNC Turning is our core service. We have years of expertise and cutting edge machines to service even the most complex turning requirements.


Our CNC Turning machines are some of the most sophisticated and capable in the world. Computer controlled they operate with constant supervision and input from our qualified engineers.


They also have various types of tooling options, spindle options, as well as different speed and power capabilities.


They have tool holders equipped, which hold many tools of different sizes and shapes for various applications depending on the complexity of the part.

XYZ Proturn 410


Chuck Diameter 300mm
Swing 560mm
Centres 1000mm
Machine Quantity 2

XYZ Mini Turn


Chuck Diameter 155mm
Max Swing 400mm
Max Turn 220mm
Max Length 280mm
X Travel 185mm
Z Travel 325mm
Machine Quantity 1

XYZ 250 TC


Chuck Diameter 250mm
Max Swing 550mm
Max Turn 250mm
Max Length 650mm
X Travel 220mm
Z Travel 650mm
Machine Quantity 1